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Flexicult use checklist

Day 1:

  • Check that Flexicult test is in date (check expiry on bottom of test) and record on CRF 04
  • Incubator is at 35°C (35-37°C range acceptable)
  • Flexicult test is labelled
  • Flexicult test is inoculated with a fraction of the urine (2.5-5ml)  (no boric acid)
  • Flexicult test is put into the incubator ((lid down)
  • A urine fraction is being sent to research laboratory (in boric acid monovette)
  • A urine fraction is being sent to routine laboratory (optional and as per routine practice)

Day 2:

  • All Flexicult test results should be recorded on CRF 04 (even if test is negative or no bacterial UTI)
  • Image of incubated test is captured and saved
  • Dispose of tests (in clinical waste, follow local guidelines for disposal)
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