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Collecting a Mid Stream Urine Sample for the Flexicultâ„¢ Test

  • Only a mid stream urine (MSU) sample can be used with the Flexicult test.

  • The urinary tract is normally sterile apart from the external urethra meatus (EUM) and contamination from the EUM should be avoided when collecting urine.

  • A mid stream urine collection kit can be used for collecting a MSU (essential for POETIC RCT stage 3). The kit is given to the patient and includes instructions. The Peezy MSU kit ( has been shown to reduce contamination rates in urine cultures (Jackson S.R. et al. BJU Int. 2005. Aug;96 (3):360-4).

  • If a MSU collection kit is not used then the area around the EUM should be cleaned by washing with clean water or using a wipe. The first portion of urine should be voided. Urine should be collected into a sterile container.


Urine sample
Urine samples put in containers with added boric acid cannot be used for Flexicultâ„¢ as the acid affects the antibiotic resistance assessments and invalidates the test results.